About Us

Our Vision

To build a healthy and just society that values Canada’s Cultural Diversity.

Our Mission

The Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society (IMSS) of Prince George is a non-profit community serving agency providing settlement and integration services to immigrants and refugees throughout Prince George and the northern region of British Columbia. It strives to promote multiculturalism and racial harmony and to eliminate racism in the pursuit of equality and social justice for all Canadians. 

Our Goals

The Society is interested in contributing to the development of any area furthering human understanding.
The Society is an important resource to the existing ethnic groups in Prince George.
The Society works to promote multiculturalism and to develop cross-cultural understanding in schools and in the community.

Our Objectives
  • To assist in the needs and promote the welfare of immigrants.
  • To coordinate with agencies serving immigrants in Prince George and neighboring areas on issues such as employment, immigration, multiculturalism and racism.
  • To encourage immigrants to integrate into the community.
  • To promote cultural pluralism in Prince George.
  • To assist various ethno-cultural groups and organizations to develop and preserve their cultural identities and to further their ideas.
  • To enlist the active participation of citizens in the service of immigrants.
  • To encourage, promote, preserve and foster an awareness and respect for Canada’s cultural diversity.
 Our Structure

The Society is comprised of a local membership of individuals and ethnic groups. Representatives from ethnic organizations, similar clubs or organizations are welcome to join the Society. The Board of Directors is elected from the members at the Annual General Meeting. Membership in the Society is open to all Canadian citizens, permanent residents and others with legal status in Canada regardless of their race, colour, religion, gender, or country of origin.