The IMSS’ Anti-Racism Project intends to have an anti-racism education campaign and would co-facilitate a series of anti-racism workshops and dialogues. These initiatives will provide continuous community education and awareness to other service providers, public institutions/organizations and youth from diverse group/sector. This project with the help of a local professional facilitator and volunteers will brainstorm together as to how to effectively engage and deliver the information to the target participants of this project. This project will provide participants with understanding of racism and to explore the power dynamics, difference between stereotyping, prejudice and racism/discrimination, topics of exclusion and inclusion. The project will encourage participants to understand  their responsibilities in addressing and challenging discrimination as well as introducing them to tools and resources that they can use to respond when addressing racism.

The Prince George Anti-Racism Community Network’s objective is to provide Prince George and its surrounding smaller communities with further opportunities to network, mentor with one another, discuss, share, promote and develop anti-racism resources which will be accessible to diverse community members. This Network recognize the value and importance of communities, particularly rural, northern and isolated communities. The Network will collaborate with each other to develop resources, share knowledge, information and ideas around anti-racism initiatives. The target audience for the Network will be the diverse vulnerable youth of Prince George and its surrounding smaller and isolated communities. The IMSS in collaboration with all proposed network partners will facilitate and engage diverse groups and sectors to address racism in Prince George and its surrounding smaller and isolated communities.


Funded by the Minister of International Trade and Minister Responsible for Asia Pacific Strategy and Multiculturalism