Organizing against Racism and Hate (OARH) is a program that promotes equality rights and addresses discrimination through the delivery of educational campaigns. Our anti-racism program believes that education is the best tool for ending discrimination and building inclusive societies. Through this program and its Network we provide an opportunity for Prince George and the surrounding smaller communities to discuss, share, promote and develop anti-racism resources while mentoring each other. Our program recognizes the value and importance of provision, accessibility and sustainability of resources in our isolated northern rural communities. Our continuous work and efforts to end discrimination of any type consists of the following: delivery of educational workshops, provision of printed material created by the program coordinator and community partners, community round-table discussions and dialogues with community members and government officials; in light to address community concerns that can support a more effective development and improvement of structural policies.

Resources that have been created by the Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society of Prince George and the OARH Program:

Anti-racism Community Protocol

Assists and supports existing service providers who have expertise in enforcement, investigation and victim support. This document provides information that identifies and addresses different forms of racism and discrimination.

Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Bullying Training Manual for Educators, with a Trauma Informed Approach

Helps to enhance capacity building, provides skills and knowledge for educators and for anyone living in Canada to be effective at promoting respectful relationships and public health in ethno-culturally diverse social environments. It aims to help decrease risks of emotional problems by increasing our awareness of when and how others are being treated disrespectfully based on their differences. This manual is a compilation of best practices, supported by previous academic research, case studies and other already existing best practices. This manual is intended to serve as a guide and a corroborative resource to lean on when facing complex challenges and demands of our growing culturally diverse society. This is not a legal document.

OARH RESOURCES : a webinar

Funded by the Minister of International Trade and Minister Responsible for Asia Pacific Strategy and Multiculturalism