Past Programs

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs)

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are community-based partnerships that:

  • Systematize local engagement of service providers and other institutions in newcomers’ integration process;
  • Support community-level research and strategic planning; and,
  • Improve coordination of effective services that facilitate immigrant settlement and integration.

LIPs do not deliver services directly to newcomers, but provide a collaborative framework to facilitate the development and implementation of sustainable solutions for the successful integration of newcomers that are local and regional in scope.

 The overall objective of the LIPs initiative is to enhance collaboration, coordination and strategic planning at the community level in order to foster more welcoming and inclusive communities and improve settlement and integration outcomes.

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Community Refugee Response Team (CRRT) Cariboo – Prince George


Temporary public policy to facilitate the sponsorship of Syrian and Iraqi refugees by Groups of Five and Community Sponsors – renewal

I hereby establish pursuant to section 25.2 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (the Act), that there are sufficient public policy considerations warranting an exemption from the requirement for an applicant to have sponsorship in support of their permanent residence visa application which includes a document issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees certifying the status of the foreign national as a refugee under the rules applicable to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or a foreign state certifying the status of the foreign national as a refugee under the rules applicable to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or the applicable laws of the foreign state, as the case may be (paragraph 153(1)(b) Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations), and an exemption from the requirement to pay the processing fee for examining the circumstances under subsection 25.2(1) of the Act (section 307 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations).This public policy applies to Iraqi and Syrian nationals who have fled their country of nationality or habitual residence as a result of the current conflicts in Syria and Iraq, in order to facilitate the sponsorship of these persons by Groups of Five and Community Sponsors. Click here for more details
The Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) is a program designed to support the Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAHs) of Canada, their Constituent Groups, Groups of Five and Community Sponsors interested in sponsoring refugees. RSTP provides resources and services to meet the ongoing information and training needs of private sponsors of refugees in Canada. Click here for more details

Refugee Fund
NOTE: The Canada-B.C. Job Grant (CJG) is now accepting applications from eligible organizations acting on behalf of employers, under the Refugee Fund, for training with start dates between October 1 and December 31. For further information on eligibility requirements of the program, see  Canada Job Grant Criteria.
Applications for training that starts on or before September 30 will continue to be accepted under the Refugee Fund until application targets for this training period have been met.
The Refugee Fund allows employers to meet their labour market needs while helping refugees gain skills and employment in British Columbia. Industry/sector associations, employer associations, and union and non-profit organizations working with refugees are eligible to apply. Click here for more details

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Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation

Skills Connect for Immigrants Program

The IMMIGRANT & MULTICULTURAL SERVICES SOCIETY of PRINCE GEORGE, in partnership with ASPECT, is proud to bring you the new and improved provincial Skills Connect for Immigrants program.

Skills Connect is now open to clients who may not have high school level education or work experience as well as those with higher levels of education and experience. Whether you have skills or experience or need to acquire skills before seeking employment, we look forward to helping you.

Our program provides an individual approach, tailored to meet your needs.

Eligibility Criteria:

–  You became a permanent resident of Canada within the last 5 years,  and;

–  You are unemployed or underemployed; and

–  Have an intermediate level of English language proficiency

If you’re eligible, we will provide:

– Assessments for language, qualifications and training requirements;

– Career counselling and career planning services;

– Job seeking skills and support i.e. resumes and interview techniques;

– An introduction to Canadian workplace culture;

– Training funds for language, upgrading or job specific skills training;

– Assistance with regulating bodies or certification;

– Networking and help finding employment opportunities.

80% of the participants who completed this program have found a meaningful employment. Others have had skills upgrading and training to set them firmly on their career path. Will you be our next success story?



For more information on how to get started with the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program,
please contact us at:

Immigrant & Multicultural Services Society of Prince George
Phone: (250) 562 – 2900 � Fax: (250) 563 – 4852
� Toll Free: 1 – 877 – 562 – 2977




“The  BC Skills Connect for Immigrants Program is part of the WelcomeBC umbrella of services,
made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Provinceof British Columbia.”


Welcome PG

Overview of Welcome PG
Welcome PG is a strategic collaboration of community stakeholders, businesses, non-profit organizations and service providers based on a mutual passion and belief in removing barriers to social inclusion for new immigrants. This collaboration was organized to enhance Prince George’s social and economic prosperity by strengthening its capacity to attract, recruit and retain internationally trained new immigrants who have chosen Canada, specifically Prince George, as their home.
Despite recent economic uncertainties, the labour market in BC continues to face demographic, and economic, challenges due to an aging workforce and a competitive job market which means there is an increasing need for internationally trained individuals to fulfill market and social demands.
On the other hand, the challenges faced by the internationally trained individuals immigrating to Canada are often times overwhelming. Despite impressive credentials, new immigrants face higher rates of unemployment as well as under-employment.
Welcome PG provides a forum where employers, service providers and other stakeholder groups engage and share innovative tools and resources to promote cultural competence and diversity in their workplaces and tap into new Canadians’ talent. It is our belief that an effective strategy to address the economic downturn and the projected skill shortages is to ease the integration of New Canadians into our community.