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IMSS adheres to the following Official Language requirements:
•IMSS Eligible Clients services are available in English & French through other organizations.
•IMSS activities, projects, and programs to forge ties between Canada’s two official language communities.
•IMSS annually consults with francophone minority communities about settlement and resettlement programming as determined appropriate by the IRCC.

Please choose one of the options below that best describes you to determine which services we can offer to you. If you aren't sure which services are available to you please contact us.

How can we help you?

community connections through the phone

Community Connections

Connect clients and their families to: public institutions, social and geographic environments through local community events and visits. Make connections with long-term residents and Canadians through: needs-driven matching, mentoring, networking in…Continue reading Community Connections


Child Minding

On-site child-minding: Our multicultural child-minding centre program strives to foster the development of the child socially, physically, intellectually, creatively and emotionally with a multi-cultural awareness. Child-minding services are offered for…Continue reading Child Minding

computer training

Computer Training

IMSS offers basic computer training to eligible clients, please contact us for details.



IMSS provides transportation subsidy assistance to eligible clients to attend the services. For more information   Contact Us

Learning English at Imss

Community Information and Orientation

Information and orientation to settle in the community and prepare for entry into the Canadian Labour Market as well as to prepare clients to become active citizens. Learn More