A Day of Cultures 2022

  • IMSS thanks all the volunteers that dedicate their time participating in A Day of Cultures 2022. Without your efforts and time this Festival will not have the success that it reached. Also, we appreciate your interest in showcasing the different cultures from your ancestors and your skills in the different categories. We wish all of you great success on your personal and professional life.
  • The vote process is finished and the results are on the chart at the bottom of this page. IMSS will contact each of one of the winners to receive their prizes.

Watch the Virtual Festival


Category 1: Dance

1. Kimmimela Louis
2,. Parnian Hamidi
3. Kalista Louis

Category 2: Music Performers

1. Misty Watson
2. Eloise Hobi
3. Hoorieh Jahanbani

Category 3: Food cocking demos

1. Shevanie Smith and Rosalind Redwood
2. Betty Quintanilla Alania
3. Kristen Nicole Beattie

Category 5: Art/craft

1. Mukisa Jjumba
2. Elizabeth Pawluk
3. Harnoor Kaur