Changes to 2017 Parent and Grandparent Program application intake process

December 14, 2016—Ottawa, ON – Family reunification is a key immigration commitment of the Government of Canada. The Parent and Grandparent Program brings together thousands of families each year. For 2017, the Honourable John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, today announced changes to how sponsorship applications will be submitted under the program. _______________________________________________________________________________

Government of Canada takes early action to improve the Temporary Foreign Worker Program – Canada News Centre

We’ve just announced the end of the four-year cumulative duration rule for temporary workers. Effective immediately, the rule that temporary workers can only extend their work permits for up to four years before having to spend four years not working in Canada will no longer be applied.

The ending of the four-year rule will provide more time to workers who have come to Canada temporarily and are trying to qualify to apply for permanent residence, and employers will be able to retain experienced workers for longer, if they are still needed. The elimination of the four-year rule will also help speed up the processing of work permit applications


Government of Canada takes early action to improve the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Express Entry supporting the needs of British Columbian employers

Canada succeeding in bringing international talent here faster

May 19, 2015 —Vancouver— Express Entry is proving to be a success in serving the needs of employers and provinces alike. Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, welcomed new Express Entry permanent residents Mr. Thanikachalam Ananthakrishnan from India, and Ms. Zoe Cremin, from Ireland, to Canada.

Parent and Grandparent program re-opening January 2, 2015

[button link=”″ type=”icon”] December 19, 2014 — Ottawa — Today, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that the parent and grandparent program (PGP) will re-open on January 2, 2015.[/button]

New Rules for Federal Live-in Caregiver Program

[button link=”” type=”icon”] Ottawa has changed its decades-old live-in caregivers program to a two-stream program that will restrict the number of foreign nannies or caregivers it will accept.[/button]

Express Entry

[button link=”” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”] In January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will launch a new electronic system called Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residence in certain economic programs. Canada needs high levels of immigration to meet current and future labour market needs, which will ensure our economic growth and long-term prosperity. Express Entry will allow us to actively recruit, assess and select skilled immigrants under the following federal economic immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. CLICK TO READ MORE…[/button]

Protecting the Health and Safety of Canadians

[button link=”;jsessionid=c23666b765368ede62b81b82f5eb06e040431ac55ab41f34b6e6ebe79bc3f5fb.e34Rc3iMbx8Oai0Tbx0SaxqRa3b0?crtr.sj1D=&crtr.mnthndVl=12&mthd=advSrch&crtr.dpt1D=6664&nid=898999&crtr.lc1D=&crtr.tp1D=1&crtr.yrStrtVl=2014&″ type=”icon” icon=”notice” newwindow=”yes”] October 31, 2014 — Ottawa — Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander today announced new precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of Canadians. Effective immediately, Canadian visa officers have temporarily paused the processing of visa applications from foreign nationals who have been physically present in a country designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as having widespread and intense transmission of the Ebola virus. Discretion will remain for the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to grant entry on a case-by-case basis in exceptional cases where travel is essential and in Canada’s interest. Apart from those instances, temporary resident applications already in process that are affected by these new measures will be returned to the applicants. CLICK TO READ MORE…[/button]

Ensuring Long-Term Prosperity and Economic Growth

[button link=”;jsessionid=c23666b765368ede62b81b82f5eb06e040431ac55ab41f34b6e6ebe79bc3f5fb.e34Rc3iMbx8Oai0Tbx0SaxqRa3b0?crtr.sj1D=&crtr.mnthndVl=12&mthd=advSrch&crtr.dpt1D=6664&nid=898829&crtr.lc1D=&crtr.tp1D=1&crtr.yrStrtVl=2014&″ type=”icon” icon=”stats” newwindow=”yes”] Government tables annual immigration plan October 31, 2014 — Ottawa — Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that the Government of Canada’s annual immigration plan tabled today features this year the highest planned level of admissions in recent history. The Government of Canada is planning to welcome between 260,000 and 285,000 new permanent residents in 2015, an increase of approximately 19,000 planned admissions over last year. CLICK TO READ MORE…[/button]

Improving Canada’s Caregiver Program

[button link=”;jsessionid=c23666b765368ede62b81b82f5eb06e040431ac55ab41f34b6e6ebe79bc3f5fb.e34Rc3iMbx8Oai0Tbx0SaxqRa3b0?crtr.sj1D=&crtr.mnthndVl=12&mthd=advSrch&crtr.dpt1D=6664&nid=898729&crtr.lc1D=&crtr.tp1D=1&crtr.yrStrtVl=2014&″ type=”icon” icon=”notice” newwindow=”yes”] Government of Canada announces reforms to end the live-in requirement, reduce family separation and provide more options to caregivers in Canada October 31, 2014 — Ottawa — Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, announced significant reforms to the Caregiver Program that acknowledges the valuable contributions caregivers make to Canadian families and the economy. Changes to the program include ending the live-in requirement, and providing eligible caregivers with two pathways that will lead to permanent residence within six months. CLICK TO READ MORE…[/button]





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