Ravi Saxena, MBA
Executive Director

Program Delivery Manager: Jane Wei Liang, MBA, MA, CCDP
Human Resources: Mr. Frank Robertson

Receptionist/Intake Worker
Ms. Kenny Adewole

Settlement Practitioners
Ms. Beenu Bibra
Ms. Lili Yang
Ms. Nestie Black

Employment Practitioner
Ms. Chona Dela Cruz

Community Connection/Women & Seniors Worker
Ms. Rosemary Raygada Watanabe

Community Connection Coordinator
(Youth, SWIS and Anti-racism Programs)
Ms. Karelya Medialdea

Settlement Provincial Coordinator
Ms. Neeru Gupta

Head of Language Instructors (LINC)
Ms. Huiting Wang

English Language Instructors

Ms. Patrycja Legut
Ms. Marilyn Ang

English Language Teaching Assistant
Ms. You Jin Choi

Responsible Adult Childcare Worker
Ms. Lily Levine