Anti-racism Project
Northern BC: Building More Inclusive Communities”

Funded by Canadian Heritage, this anti-racism project offers free legal education to stakeholders and community members at large. Through this project, IMSS offers free legal education about human rights to service providers and to community members at large. The training is carried out by a Labour Law and Human Rights Lawyer. The training is offered not only in the community of Prince George, but as well, it is available to other northern communities.

Goals of the project:

  1. To increase the capacity and the ability of affected rural communities to address racism and discrimination through a coordinated support system.
  2. To empower individuals to be able to recognize and to address discrimination.
  3. To create better-trained community leaders equipped with knowledge and skills to offer better support.
  4. To create a sustained change towards racism and discrimination through the collective intentional engagement of diverse groups working together towards common goals of equality and inclusion
  5. To equip individuals with advocacy skills and skills that will equip them to address issues of racism and discrimination