The IMSS aims to raise awareness of B.C., Multicultural identity by organizing diverse cultural expressions that promote intercultural understanding in the community of Prince George to build a more integrated and inclusive welcoming society. Through the years IMSS has been developing series of workshops, forums, festivals, among other activities to celebrate British Columbia’s multicultural heritage and its commitment to democracy, equality and mutual respect, appreciating the contributions of the various multicultural groups and communities to Canadian society.

Some of the cultural expressions developed by IMSS recently were:

Our Voices, our Journey, Embracing Diversity (2016). This program helped to create spaces for dialogues in the community of Prince George to understand their cultural differences in order to embrace diversity and harmony; as well as, to eliminate barriers to communicate using the photo interpretation. Diverse series of workshops were provided to the community of Prince George grassroots approach to media tools and social action to embrace diversity and multicultural harmony.

Multicultural Market (2014) organized by IMSS during summer to provide opportunities to home business from diverse multicultural groups to share their products with the community. As well as, the community appreciated the ethnic entertainment, food, and music. By this way the community embraced the colorful diversity of the City of Prince.

The funding for this program is provided by the Ministry of International Trade and Responsible for Asia Pacific Strategy and Multiculturalism for projects or events that promote cultural expression or support anti-racism activities that challenge discrimination and hate.